Sand Dunes National Park

I have officially logged a ton more miles trekked in The Great Sand Dunes National Park. I just can’t get enough of it. I had to go back after having so much success the first time around.  Well after a few more trips out there, I think I have seen most of the weather it has to offer (except winter). I had a few great days, a few rainy days, a few windy days, and a few stormy days.   Its tough to judge what weather is going to hit, all I know is it’s a bad place to be when that weather does come rolling through. I had lightning come through one afternoon, and we were the only thing around with metal and we had to rush out of there. One afternoon I had one of the most crazy experiences with weather my whole life. I have been in way worse danger with weather, but one afternoon we had something happen that was unlike anything else. We could see a storm rolling in, no doubt, and it was approaching fast, and about an hour before that storm hit, the wind slammed us. It was unbelievable how powerful that wind was, well I have been in way bigger winds (shot in 70MPH winds before) but this wind may have been only around 45MPH but the sand that blew with that wind was blinding. Serious, blinding. At one point both the talent and I had to stop working because neither one of us could open our eyes. Not only did I have my eyes closed, I had to put my hands in front of my eyes, and I could still feel the sand between my eye balls and my eye lids. Very strange feeling, one I had never felt before.

Joe Morahan