Corbis Images Spring 2015

Well as quickly as spring came it left and I was able to get out and do a few shoots for Corbis Images Spring 2015. Those are a lot of fun in the fact that they can be whatever we want, so heading out into the wilderness with a friend or two just rocks!

This particular spring it was very tough for me to choose just a few locations to shoot at, since there are so many here in Colorado. I have done the typical Colorado shoots like Aspen and all those sort of places, this year I really wanted to show off the lesser know locations during spring and show a little bit different of a side of Colorado.

One of the first times I noticed that the spring was here is while I was shooting at Red Rock Lake. It was a bit cool, but the snow was melting and the buds of flowers were starting to pop up through the ground and snow. The lake is located at around 10,500 so snow melt is a bit slower up there.

Other locations within this gallery are from St Mary’s GlacierGrays PeakBrainard Lake all of which were shot this past spring.

Joe Morahan