A Rock Climber in the Upper Slot Canyon Page, Arizona

A Rock Climber in the Upper Slot Canyon Page, Arizona

October 1, 2011 By Joe Morahan


This dramatic shot was done for stock photography, and will be submitted to Corbis Images.

It shows a young women hanging from the dramatic canyon walls. The Light beam shines down through the canyon at high noon but only last for a few minutes. She is partially lit and her body curves mimic the canyon walls. This shot was a creation of my imagination. I have never seen a rock climbing image from the slots, not to say that it has never been done, but I have never seen one. I wish I had a big client to shoot these sorts of images for, but I am on a limited budget so I had to cheat a bit. It is a composite of two images. One from the Upper Slot canyons at high noon, showing the beam of light and the canyon walls. The second shot is of a climber hanging on to a cliff. I used photoshop CS4 to combine the two images and get the final creation I had in my head. It’s one of the best parts of knowing photoshop and being a photographer. Coming up with a scene of something that I would like to create and going out and getting the shots I need. The most fun part to me is, combining images to creat a scene that never existed other that my mind.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the shot as much as I do ; )

***First Place Image***

Shot details: f/9.0;1/640 sec;ISO 100;3679×5518 Pixels 
Focal Length 17mm; EF 17-40 mm f/4 L USM
Camera Details: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III


Joe Morahan