Skiing Vail Mountain


What better way to stay young, than riding on fresh powder with a pack of 20-somethings skiing Vail Mountain, Colorado? In fact, I am still sore from that long weekend shooting mountain-side. We captured extreme height and moments of pure intensity. The cliffs were ours and I have a ton of imagery to prove it.

My heart is in the mountains. When I was growing up I would ski with my friends at least two days a week — minimum. When I hit the mountain, I hit it hard. Unfortunately, now I can feel the pain in a full two days of off-piste steeps and jabbing through the trees to find powder bumps. This time around I caught my breath and took a hold of my camera to document these youngsters go wild. It was my chance to photograph the cool kids and all their tricks.

I was lucky to meet up with a couple ski instructors for a personal tour of Vail Mountain. It was unlike anything else. They showed me to all the hidden fresh powder and even where to get more! Between the back bowls and secret stashes of “pow pow,” we were able to pull off some great photography.


Joe Morahan