VIDEO: Under Armour Night Workout

VIDEO: Under Armour Night Workout

Well…..I have not posted in a while for a great reason….I am now switching over to motion and have been studying for a while.  It was really weird, I almost felt like I was back at school.  I decided to do this to open a few doors for myself, so I had to figure out how I was going to learn all this.  So I started doing some research…..and I came across one of my favorite photographers/ director/ DP, Vincent Laforet.  He has been doing some really great things in the industry, and it seems as though I cant research anything without coming across his name.  He has been dubbed the “King of DSLR” so who better to learn from?  I am working all the time at my Art Gallery in Denver, Colorado called FatTail.  So I have never had the chance to meet Vincent…..but guess what?  Vincent recently published a “webinar” about still photographers who are switching over to video.  It was a really intense class, I think around 24 hours of information.  First of all I would like to say thank you to Vincent for doing something like this, and I have to say the $129 price tag could have been 10X that and still would be worth every penny, so thank you Vincent!!!!  Also another thing I noticed is that he never seemed to run out of words, a very educated photographer, and director. 

Please check out his online class!!!!

So I decided to give Vincent’s online class a try and sat there taking detailed notes and making sure I was soaking all the information I could.  It was jam packed, almost to the point I could not take it all in.  So many cameras, tripods, lenses, gears…..which at the time was frustrating, but as I went to buy some of the gear, I felt very prepared thanks to Vincent.  He reviewed what seemed like every piece of gear known to man, and I learned tons and now know all the gear.  I have had training with extreme high speed cameras, like the Phantom shooting thousands of frames per second.  I love shooting on that sort of camera, but for now I picked up a 5D Mark II.

I really miss shooting super high speed photography and motion, and the whole reason I graduated in Industrial and Scientific Photography was to some day use that knowledge to enhance my sports shooting.  So its all coming sooner than I thought and I am very excited for my future.

I started working up a few concepts for my agent Katherine Kennedy from Other Films.  I wanted this first project to show off my skills of lighting, and creative ideas, and of course showing my passion for sports.  I talked to Katherine a lot, coming up with different ideas, and spec campaigns.  We ended up landing on doing a 30 sec spec ad for Under Armour.  I became very excited for a new challenge and the whole process proved to be way more difficult than I anticipated.  The pre-production took a lot of time, and ended up helping the final spot, and I am very happy that we put the time in that we did.

A few other notes I would like to mention about shooting this project:  There are a few companies that helped with this project, and it could not have been done without their help.  First off I would like to thank Katherinefor all the inspiration and help making this all happen.  She is a master of her craft and one heck of lady!!!!  I would also like to thank Hoodman for providing me the compact flash cards that I used for this project.  The super fast RAW 675X UDMA 6 Hoodman 8 GB did the trick for this shoot.  I also used a lot of gear made my RedRock Micro, thanks to the advice from Vincent.  Their gear is top of the line when it comes to HDDSLR Cameras.   I also would like to thank Canon Cameras for the ability to create such a cool project using the familiar Canon equipment.

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