Morahan Visuals has joined the Hoodman RAW Shooters

Morahan Visuals has joined the Hoodman RAW Shooters

August 5, 2006 By Joe Morahan

I am very happy to announce that Morahan Visuals will now be using Hoodman RAW Compact Flash Cards exclusively!!!!!!

So I can’t even start to explain how very excited I am now that I have teamed up with Hoodman Compact Flash Cards.  Not only are they known for being the best/ most reliable cards out there, they are made right here in the USA!!!  If you are not familiar with Hoodman check out there website for all the details.   The RAW UDMA Compact Flash Cards are tested to 500,000 formats and that’s just the beginning. They are rugged, and will keep on working.  They cost a bit more than some of the others out there, being the mass produced cards, but Hoodman cards are worth every penny.  Most of the other card companies have around 2%-5% card failure, however Hoodman has 0 Card Failures!!!!  And that my friends, is why I trust Hoodman with my images.  When I travel to Africa, or hiking days through the Grand Canyon trying to get the shot, it would seem silly to save a few bucks on a card and have it fail on me, while I go through so much to create the images I do.  So that being said, this is why I have chosen Hoodman as my ONLY Compact Flash Cards.

I look forward to reviewing the gear and trying a few new tools that they slipped into my sponsorship package.  The one tool I have never used before is the HoodLoupe 3.0 Glare Free LCD viewing loop.  I used a loop all the time back in the day with the old 4×5, but I am really excited to use this.  I have a feeling it might get me to take a minute to view images, helping my mind slow down a think of other parts to the image, helping me create better images.  Of course it will help with the glare of the sun, especially that I mostly shoot outdoors.  So this will be a tool that I will use on every shoot.

Also sent to me use aHoodeye Digital SLR Camera Eyecup, that will help me fight the glare I face-off with everyday.  I look forward to seeing if this is something I can use from now on….I assume it will take a little getting use to but I will get it more than a far shot and see how things work out.

Of course I will need the best card readers around town to download all these cards that were sent to me, and to download,  Hoodman sent me a few card readers.  One is the RAW Professional FireWire Reader Designed for 42 MB/Sec UDMA CompactFlash Cards.  The other card reader is a USB 2.0 UDMA Reader RAW Professional Designed for 42 MB/Second UDMA Compact Flash Card; also supports CF, SD, and SDHC Card Formats.   From what I here, these cards readers blaze through downloads with maxim reliability, but also keep up a ridicules download speed.

And to top things off Hoodman sent me a handful of RAW 675X UDMA 6 Hoodman 8 GB CompactFlash Professional 500,00 Cycle Cards.  These babies will get there fair share of use.  From the travel, sand, salt, and all the other strange places I go creating imagery we will see how they do.  I have already had a few Hoodman cards and all have never given me one problem.  These should last a lifetime!!!

Look for more updates with Morahan Visuals and Hoodman Compact Flash Cards.  I will also now be featured on the RAW Shooter List on the Hoodman website. To be on this list of shooters is beyond words for me.  This exclusive list of the finest photographers from around the world, and to be even mentioned on it is a really great step for my company.  So a big thank you to Hoodman for teaming up with Joe Morahan Photography!!!!

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