Grays Peak Colorado 14er

Grays Peak Colorado 14er

April 19, 2014 By Joe Morahan

Hiking to the summit of Grays Peak Colorado 14er was the plan to start the spring off on the right foot.  It was the first 14er climb of this year and boy was it fun. The summit sits at a cool 14,278 feet above sea level and is the 10th highest summit of the Rocky Mountains in the state of Colorado.  It was a real mess of conditions on Grays Peak which made it a bit tricky, but we had a great group and we did make it to the top. At the bottom it was dry and nice, and by the time we got close to the base there was already wet, slushy snow. By the time we got to the top, everything was straight snow. All those conditions made for a tough hiking but it did offer up a lot of different shooting conditions which made for a great day of shooting.

Here are a few of my favs that I shot for Corbis Images. They are all rights managed so check out this link if you are needing imagery from Colorado’s 14ers!

And the view from the top

Hiking to the summit of Grays Peak Colorado 14er. It’s 14,278 above sea level and the 10th highest summit of the rocky mountains in Colorado

Joe Morahan