Colorado Mountain Majesties

Colorado Mountain Majesties

August 5, 2014 By Joe Morahan

Through the trails and up the mountain, it was a long haul to the top of Lake Dorothy. Leaving in the afternoon with a backpack filled with climbing gear, we made it to the peak of the Colorado Mountain – just in time to shoot the blue skies before sunset.

Wow, talk about incredible views. The setting was so elegantly drizzled with snow, adding a touch of glow to my photographs. It was truly magnificent.

For this shoot I wanted to capture that moment of glory for a champion. The model I worked with not only had the look but also was able to effortlessly embody my vision – a powerful yet majestic adventurer out to climb incredible heights.

The hike was fabulous and the shoot turned out stunning. Hiking andshooting, what a successful day!

Unfortunately, this will most likely be my last hike for the fall season. It always seems as though the mud seasons take too long, but this hike reminded me, that winter is coming and coming soon.

I love the change of seasons and look forward to photographing a fresh scene with new challenges. After the holidays I hope to go back to this amazing location to shoot the snow hidden mountains – most likely on a snowboard.

Stay tuned!


Joe Morahan