The Black Rock Turtles in Kaanapali Maui

The Black Rock Turtles in Kaanapali Maui

June 1, 2005 By Joe Morahan


The Black Rock Turtles in Kaanapali Maui.

Well what can I say….Shooting off the Black Rock in Kaanapali Beach is fun. Maybe more than fun, great. The warm water, the clear blue sky, all made for a great day of shooting. I was free diving….so no scuba great was used to get these shots. Just a pair of flippers and a mask. It was a lot of fun to see how deep I could make it, but I feel like I got the shots I wanted.  This is a turtle who lives near by right around the corner from the shot. They feed on the plentiful food near the black rock and enjoy the warm shallow waters. They have to dodge people who enjoy the perks of snorkeling in the area.

It was great not shooting surfing, having to dodge waves gets exhausting quickly. When shooting underwater things can be a bit tricky but makes it more fun. I shoot with a Canon 20D. I use Hoodman 8GB Card so I am able to shoot more images once in the water. I use an Ikelite housing here is the link to their website. Its a great underwater housing and they work really well.

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Shot details:

Camera Details: Canon EOS 20D

f/4; 1/2500 sec; ISO 200; 3744×5616 Pixels 

Lens Details: Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye

Focal Length 15mm;


Hoodman RAW  8 GB CompactFlash

Joe Morahan