Death Valley Race Track

Death Valley Race Track

April 15, 2005 By Joe Morahan

Death Valley Race Track!

The Moving Rocks!!!

One of the geological attractions is called the Racetrack Playa, famous for it’s moving stones. The floor of the playa is dried, scorched mud which has broken into perfect little octagons and pentagons and mosaic. This is as “desert” as you can get in America. It’s as flat as flat can be. With rocks which seem to move on their own.
The stones vary in size and shape from pebble size to half-ton boulders. They break off the hills you see in the background. Their tracks vary in length, going every which way from zig-zags to loops; some double back on themselves. Some travel only a few feet; others go for hundreds of yards, yet they can be right next to each other, and right next to some that don’t move at all.

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Joe Morahan