Morahan Visuals joins the Lowepro Team!!!

Morahan Visuals joins the Lowepro Team!!!

August 10, 2006 By Joe Morahan

Lowepro is now the Sole Digital Carrying Solution Company of Joe Morahan Photography

I’m pretty excited to announce that Joe Morahan Photography has teamed up with Lowepro!!!! I have decided to make Lowepro my sole digital carrying solution and will be reviewing the bags and gear produced by Lowepro. I have been using Lowepro gear for years now, and they have already been the company I trust, when traveling with my camera gear. It doesn’t matter if its a long journey through Southern Africa, or a 12 mile trek through the Grand Canyon, I have always used a Lowepro backpack. That being said, I have a few different types of bags already……but nothing even close to this cool!!!

DryZone 200-Totally Waterproof Backpack


100%!! Only time will tell…..and of course….me throwing it into the river ; ) So I am sure I will test this bag, like its never been tested before. Through the river, sand, salt, cold, and hot I’m sure this bag is gonna see it all.

I was on a shoot a few weeks ago, up in the Rocky Mountain National Parkand kinda fell in the river. I say kinda cuz the camera in my hands started to fall towards the rock, and I swung it around and fell a bit in the water… was fine, no bumps, no water, I got a little lucky. I was talking about this with the great folks down at Lowepro and we decided that a great bag for me to test, try, and write about would be the Dry Zone 200.


Here is what Lowepro says about this bag on their website about the DryZone-200

DryZone is the world’s first totally waterproof, soft-sided camera backpack. Even fully loaded, they float so your gear is always protected. The inner drypod with patented, waterproof TIZIP™ zipper provides 100% watertight protection. It’s like a drysuit for your equipment. When less protection is needed, leave the TIZIP™ open and fasten just the inner zipper and top clip for easier access. The heavy-duty, padded camera compartment inside is fully customizable while the outer shell comes complete with a technical backpack harness. Also included, ergonomic lumbar support, fully adjustable CollarCut™ shoulder straps, tuck-away tripod holder, self-draining mesh pockets, drain hole, rubber handle, and attachment loops for SlipLock™ accessories. DryZone packs are comfortable to wear and give you total peace of mind in extreme environments.

So my first impressions are…..

Well….after the shock of the bright yellow color, and of course the slick appearance that Lowepro always seems to have. I opened the front cover. It seems like a nice place to put filters, cords, and other small objects. This section is not water proof…..just a place to hold things. My knife and other survival gear will call this area home, when traveling in the outback. Then you get to the water-proof section, which was a bit hard to get open….but after smearing all the grease they supplied, it came open with a bit of a tug…..not something I would store my gear in, if I’m going in and out of the bag, however, there is another section that zips up. This means, you could leave the water proof area open, and be able to get in and out of the bag with easy and speed. (and still have the gear zipped up and protected) But when trekking down a river, or mother nature starts to pour, that’s when I will get that water-proof zipper locked. I really want to know if I throw the backpack in the river, first….will it really float as they say….also going through rapids and getting dunked will to still remain dry? When I do give it a shot….no camera gear will be in there…..but I need to know how water proof this DryZone 200 really is. I will report my results after the tests.

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