Light Tracing

Light Tracing

September 1, 2005 By Joe Morahan

Light Tracing and Industrial / Highspeed Photography

So lately I have been feeling the need to do more industrial and scientific photography.  I use to do it all the time, shooting bullets, blowing stuff up and thought now that I love shooting sports and am taking that very seriously it would be the perfect time.  This is a sample of photos that are my first sports/industrial photo shoot.

It was great to get back to the science stuff and it was just as challenging as I remember.  There is no real right or wrong with these…..just personal preference.  I set the shoot up in my kitchen while the g/f was out of town.  I had to put a few holes in the ceiling and a few other marks that will remain from the shoot.  This is a really cool technique of lighting and results in some cool ass images.  These are all one shot.  There is no photoshopping to the images to make the designs.  Just simple color/curves.  It was tough to get the exposure right on, but once I hit the magic spot pretty much all exposures were the same, other than the time.  The time has to deal with the pattern that the light creates.  The more time, the more streaks of light.  Its a lot of fun playing around with this.

Oh ya….I almost forgot to mention…..this was my first time shooting this type of photography digital.  Normally I would shoot film for something like this.  Chrome film does not show much grain during these long exposures.  However I used my Canon Mark III 1DS and a 17-40mm lens.  I used long exposure noise reduction and it worked like a charm.  It’s weird to me that I can do pretty much everything now digitally.  I thought for sure I would have issues with this shoot shooting digital, but after a quick check….it looked perfect.  One small problem….most these exposures are around 300 seconds….so it takes a while for the noise reduction to work and a lot of dead time between shots.  Film you can fire away, but have no idea till later exactly what the lighting looked like ext… I was overall pleased shooting this digitally and in fact I was surprised how well it came out.

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Joe Morahan