Going for Gold at the Winter Olympics

Going for Gold at the Winter Olympics

February 10, 2014 By Joe Morahan

Shreddin’ the White Stuff

The Winter Olympics are here, and the world is watching.

Growing up in Colorado, winter sports were just a part of life. Heroes were born on the ice and snow. This year, twenty-one athletes from my home state are headed to Sochi to compete in the Winter Olympics!

Although he wasn’t born in Colorado, Olympian Shaun White has been a longtime hero of mine in the sport of snowboarding. If he can win a third gold medal at the half pipe event this year, he will have ruled the sport for more than 12 years straight! I don’t care what sport you play, if you’re #1 in your sport for more than a decade, you’re a badass in my book. That’s why I am amped for Shaun this year, ready to show his maturity and focus.

Go get that gold medal, Shaun!!!

Joe Morahan