Lions on the Hunt in Tanzania Creeping through the Grass

Lions on the Hunt in Tanzania Creeping through the Grass

March 1, 2005 By Joe Morahan

Lion Walking at Sunrise in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Simba and Hakuna Matata may mean something in the United States only because of the Walt Disney Movie “The Lion King” but in the local Swahili language, these words mean ‘Lion’ and ‘no worry’.Lions are a symbol of power, courage, and nobility.They are Kings.Here in Africa, the king really has no worries, for they have no natural predators, except for men with guns.

So it is only natural that the King walks where he want to walk, drinks at watering holes or streams wherever he wants, and sleeps where he chooses to sleep. And these Kings sleep a lot, up to twenty hours a day.The males are especially lazy.

The other animals smartly make way when the king of the jungle appears.Even the monstrous elephants and fierce buffalo reluctantly yield when the king moves in. They are the only two species of animals that make their annoyance known, however, the others quickly exit the area, but not without checking to make sure that they are not being followed. 

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Joe Morahan