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Joe Morahan is an innovative and award-winning sports photographer, filmmaker and visual effects artist.


In one frame or many, Joe Morahan tells stories about sports — its winners and losers, underdogs and champions. His striking visuals draw the viewer into his stories.


Like the top athletes he captures with his camera, Morahan is a competitive professional. He is always pushing the limits of science and technology to produce the most innovative imagery. Every frame begins not with what’s already there, but with the vision, he sees when he closes his eyes. Light, shadow, and talent are all manipulated to produce images straight from the mind of their creator.


Joe Morahan creates breathtaking visuals for the sports world. His award-winning work has garnered him a reputation as one of the most creative and passionate image-makers in print, motion, and effects.


While his process begins inside his own head, the finished product comes to life as part of a team effort. Morahan is an attentive communicator, working fluidly as part of any collaboration. He anticipates and solves problems quickly and resourcefully to achieve the perfect shot.


Morahan’s exquisite technique has caught the attention of his peers. Professional publications have featured interviews with him and have published articles in which he writes about his techniques and experiences. His films and photographs leave viewers craving answers: “How did he do that?!”


At the end of the day, Morahan always returns to his home base in Colorado, an outdoor sports paradise. Growing up in a big family in a little town, he spent as much time as he could outside. Outdoor sports were the perfect excuse for spending time in nature, and as a filmmaker and photographer, he explores the symbiotic relationship between man and earth. Morahan cares deeply for nature and in many of his projects he chooses to focus on its ephemeral power.


He graduated with high honors from the prestigious Brooks Institute, yet his education is never complete. He is committed to staying ahead of the latest technologies and techniques to continue producing top-tier work. His career as a sports filmmaker and photographer has taken him around the world for editorial, commercial and advertising clients. He’s had several lifetimes worth of unbelievable experiences (with the photos and films to prove it!) He’s always looking for his next adventure.